11: Design + personal data?

Exploring the intersection of design and personal data

Keywords: design research; human-data interaction; interaction design; privacy; service design; usability; user experience

Contact: design@mydata.org

This track is exploring the emerging landscape at the intersection of design practice and personal data. If you are a design practitioner or researcher from any design field, we welcome your contribution that cover case studies, practical solutions and your approach to the following areas:

  • Design for Personal Data – e.g. improving usability and UX of personal data management tools;
  • Design through Personal Data – e.g. using personal data to design new services/products/product-service systems;
  • Design about Personal Data – e.g. educating about the conscious use of personal data.
    In addition, we will discuss design research, various methodologies, theories and tools to decrease the creepiness of personalized services.

This track aims to bring to light significative experiences as well as opportunities and future directions to bring the human-centered approach to personal data.

Sessions on this Track

Day 1
30 Aug 2017

Mapping the emerging landscape of Design + Personal Data

User experience design is crucial for the growth of the MyData ecosystem. However, the challenges designers have to face are still pretty much unknown - so let’s find them! To contribute to filling this gap, this workshop is conceived as hands-on brainstorm to uncover design problems as well as envisioning solutions and future directions for enhancing the user experience of services and products which collect and use personal data.
Day 2
01 Sep 2017

Design as Strategic Starting Point

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Alessandro Carelli

Track Hosts

Ksenia Avetisova

Ksenia Avetisova

Customer Experience and Innovation Lead at Tieto Experience Hub

Alessandro Carelli

PhD Candidate at Loughborough Design School