04: Ethical processing of MyData

Practical tools and solutions for transparency, accountability and fairness in processing of MyData

Keywords: data ethics; data transparency; algorithmic accountability; algorithmic fairness; artificial intelligence ethics

Contact: ethics@mydata.org

The Ethical Processing of MyData track addresses the need for tools and methods helping to raise awareness and understanding of how personal data is collected, stored, and processed with algorithms and artificial intelligence systems. The workshop and sessions will cover practical solutions and clear guidelines, from transparency of personal data processing all the way to maintaining ethics in the design of artificial intelligence systems. In between, it will also touch on issues of algorithmic accountability and fairness, to help assess and then counter algorithmic bias and algorithmic discrimination. This track will explore how far technical solutions can mitigate thorny ethical questions.


Sessions on this Track

Day 1
30 Aug 2017

Ethics of Algorithms and Data Processing

Introduction and examples on data and AI Ethics in the context of personal data collection and processing.
John C. Havens
John C. Havens
Day 2
31 Aug 2017

Connecting MyData to Ethics and Philosophy

Presentations of the main philosophical and ethical frameworks to set the discussion about the ethical processing of My Data.

Workshop on MyData Transparency

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Ramon Sangüesa
Day 3
01 Sep 2017

Personal Data Transparency

The what, why, who, and how of transparency and a discussion of its relationship to ethical processing of MyData.

Track Hosts

Michail Vafopoulus

Michails Vafopoulos

Affiliated researcher at the Software & Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL) of the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications of the National Center for Scientific Research «Demokritos», Athens, Greece.
Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Co-founder of PersonalData.IO

Juuso Parkkinen

Data Scientist at Reaktor

Ramon Sangüesa

Coordinator of the Data Transparency Lab (DTL)