01: MyData nuts and bolts

Introduction to human-centric personal data

Keywords: Human-centered; Big Picture; Data & Empowerment; Mastering your Data; Shared Value; VRM; PIMS; Privacy; Control

Contact: 101@mydata.org

This track addresses the need for participants to catch up with the subject of the conference, to refresh their memories, or just to make sure you’ve come to the right conference! It will give the big picture of the human-centric personal data movement and the models behind it. After attending the sessions of this track, participants should have a clear vision and have experienced the potential of this paradigm shift, and never ask again: “isn’t Pims a drink?”. How do people get empowered by their data and improve their privacy today (experiments, existing services…)? How is shared value created for individuals as well as for the businesses? Participants will then be able to go deeper in whatever topic they choose in other tracks.


Sessions on this Track

01: Day 1 / Tallinn

What MyData Stands For?

We use so many different names to speak about empowerment through data: Mydata in Finland, Midata in England, Self Data in France, Smart Disclosure in the USA, VRM (Vendor RelationShip Management), Personal Cloud, Quantified Self, PDS, PIMS, Customer Commons… It’s time to take a step back and start the conference on common grounds: on the first day of the conference in Helsinki several speakers will showcase the main principles behind the Human centric personal data model.
01: Day 2 / Helsinki

Personal Data Coaching

This workshop will focus on the data we spread all around the internet when we are using digital services. Today this data is used to identify us, follow us, shape us for very different purposes: from the purely statistical to the commercial. During the course of this workshop, participants will bring their devices (mobile phone, computer) and we will help them find practical ways to better protect but also better manage their personal data.

Track Hosts

Marika Kutshkova

Marika Kutškova

Training coordinator

Manon Molins

"MesInfos" Project Manager - Fing

Marine Albarede

"MesInfos" Project Manager at FING