Programme Team

Core Programme Team

Antti Poikola

Researcher at Helsinki Institute of Information Technology

Kai Kuikkaniemi

Researcher at HIIT

Daniel Kaplan

Future Imaginizer

Sarah Medjek


Tuukka Lehtiniemi

Researcher at HIIT

Marine Albarede

"MesInfos" Project Manager at FING

Manon Molins

"MesInfos" Project Manager - Fing

Tanel Mällo

Tallinn University

Programme Team Members

Jens Kremer

Project Researcher, LOSS-Project Helsinki, Helsinki University Visiting Researcher, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Aalto University

Valérie Peugeot

Future Studies Project manager of Orange Labs

Joachim Lohkamp

Founder & CEO Jolocom

Julian Ranger

Exec Chairman & Founder

Charalampos Doukas

Technology researcher
Open source hardware advocate

Ramon Sangüesa

Coordinator of the Data Transparency Lab (DTL)

Miguel Perez Subias


Alessandro Carelli

PhD Candidate at Loughborough Design School

Berit Skjernaa

Senior Security Architect of Security Lab

Mads Schaarup Andersen

Security Architect of Security Lab

Markus Sabadello

CEO Danube Tech

Geoff Revill

CoFounder & Managing Director, Krowdthink Ltd

Mats Sjöberg


Mark Lizar

Founding Director of Smart Species

Molly Schwartz

PhD candidate in Media and Communications at the University of Malmö

Michele Nati

Lead Technologist Personal Data and Trust, Digital Catapult

Joanne Lacey

Chief Operating Officer - Mobile Ecosystem Forum

Juuso Parkkinen

Data Scientist at Reaktor

Tracy Ann Kosa

Senior Privacy Program Manager at Google
Michail Vafopoulus

Michail Vafopoulos

Affiliated researcher at the Software & Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL) of the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications of the National Center for Scientific Research «Demokritos», Athens, Greece.
Shaun Conway

Shaun Conway

Founder, Consent

Pierre Vandekerckhove

Online Maketer

Marika Kutškova

Training coordinator

Ksenia Avetisova

Customer Experience and Innovation Lead at Tieto Experience Hub