09: Technical building blocks

Explore and map out technological aspects of data, protocols, and architectures

Keywords: data models; semantics; protocols; architectures; interoperability; decentralization; self-sovereignty

What is it that makes MyData “work”? It’s the set of technologies that store, share, link, and move data. The landscape of data standards, protocols, and architectures however is complex, and even experts often don’t agree what specific technologies should be used for what purpose, and how different pieces fit together. Yet, in order to evolve the MyData vision into more than just a collection of isolated and incompatible island projects, the magic keyword seems to be interoperability. What are the building blocks that can help us turn MyData into something that is bigger than the sum of its parts? And how does technology relate to questions of ethics and governances?

Sessions on this Track

Day 1
30 Aug 2017

Technical Issues and Approaches in Personal Data Management

We focus on a wide spectrum of technical challenges of personal data management, including adapting machine learning for personal data, data interoperability, technologies for sharing and consenting, and security & privacy.

Technical Building Blocks Workshop

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Day 2
31 Aug 2017

Health Data and Privacy

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Cities Driving for Personal Data

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Day 3
01 Sep 2017

Self Sovereign Identity

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Track hosts

Markus Sabadello

Markus Sabadello

CEO Danube Tech

Berit Skjernaa

Senior Security Architect of Security Lab

Charalampos Doukas

Technology researcher
Open source hardware advocate

Joachim Lohkamp

Founder & CEO Jolocom