MyData 2017 Blog

A Little More Action – Words from the Main Partner

We all know how important the idea of MyData is. Implementing its ideals means not only more privacy and transparency, but business opportunities and thus, economic growth. Empowering individuals marks a great shift in how the digital world is organized.

The debate on MyData has revolved around figuring out some of the basic, fundamental questions. What kind of regulations do we need? What are the most relevant business models? How to build safe marketplaces for each citizen’s personal data? How can we build an ecosystem of different actors? These are all relevant questions, of course. But perhaps it is now time to move towards discussing actual solutions., MyData Main Partner


Population Register Centre and MyData thinking

Our mission at the Population Register Centre is to tackle some of those questions. Public data registers have huge potential from a MyData perspective. Unfortunately, that data is currently kept hidden in the information systems of every public organization. Individual citizens have no power to consent to share their own data with third parties. Data does not travel smoothly between public organizations – often it does not travel at all.

What we need now are concrete solutions for transferring data safely and reliably between different actors.

Population Register Centre of Finland is currently building a number of services that will provide both public and private organizations with the tools to digitalise their services. With our service platform, the services, we seek to make supply meet with demand when it comes to intelligent IT infrastructure. Moreover, the Population Register Centre is working closely with the Ministry of Finance on a MyData-inspired pilot project. We are seeking ways to incorporate the idea of consent and the necessary mechanisms into our services, in tandem with a number of stakeholders, both public and private.

MyData2017 Conference

Therefore it is great honor for us to work with the MyData 2017 Conference as the Main Partner. It is a forum for stakeholders to share not only ideas and theories, but concrete benchmarks and best practices in infrastructure, in legislation, and in business solutions. We want to support emerging platforms and networks, and help the spread of working applications in our field.
This year the conference is held in two countries, Finland and Estonia. The latter acts as President of the Council of the EU in 2017. This partnership could not be more fitting. Our countries are known as pioneers in digital innovation and infrastructure. Estonia has suggested making free movement of data the fifth basic freedom of the European Single Market. Together we are working on joint solutions and services, such as data transfer between our countries using the X-Road technology. We are also looking for ways to cooperate on MyData-inspired projects.
For last, we warmly welcome you to Helsinki and Tallinn from Wed 30th of August to Fri 1nd of September to work for a thriving and more transparent digital world.
Janne Viskari
Director, Digital Services
Population Register Centre