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Programme overview

MyData 2017 programme published!

The framework for the programme of MyData 2017 is now ready!

It all started after PIMS meeting in December in London, continued through the winter when we received 115 programme proposals and now, we are happy to tell you that it is done. More details we will add along the way during May, but already now you can navigate through the programme pages and find your amazing track hosts!

MyData 2017 programme is divided into 11 thematic tracks. A separate introductory track is dedicated to teaching the basics of MyData for the newcomers to the domain. Other tracks are focusing on ethics, technological requirements, consent, GDPR and many related topics that are visible here. Almost all tracks have sessions in Helsinki and Tallinn, with the Tallinn sessions applying a more hands-on workshop approach.

Three parallel one-day academic workshops are organized during the first conference day of MyData 2017. The workshops will take place on August 30th in Tallinn. Each workshop has a distinct thematic focus: Our data futures, Regulating data, and Technical issues and approaches.

The ferry trip from Tallinn to Helsinki will be devoted to a more relaxed networking, yet content-creating, un-conferencing session.

The conference programme is curated by a team of 35 international experts from a variety of areas ranging from business leaders, legal professionals, technology developers, digital rights advocates and other data thinkers and doers. The programme team is brought together by a shared vision of putting the control of personal data back to the hands of people. “They work with T-shirt salary, like one session host put it, but they do it with passion and that is key to the great programme content – it’s amazing to see the variety of expertise and the combination of international networks that the team brings in” says the programme team lead Antti Poikola.