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Future mobility is in our hands

A package deal into the southern sun or a flight and accommodation you yourself have booked separately? It is getting easier and more popular to customise the method of travelling, the destination, and the programme of your stay in regards to your own needs. Individual needs and new innovations are speeding up the development of services and vice versa.

Quicker network traffic enables e.g. real-time, location-based services and functionalities. Data and its analytics enable IoT-functionalities, which create possibilities on a cross-sector scale.

But what facilitating possibilities does MyData bring? When users are involved with developing and using data, there is a possibility of forming the services to the users’ needs. Your imagination is the only limit in using personal data innovatively. For example, what does the future intelligent insurance look like? Could the insurance fee be based on your actual driving habits?

From Trafi’s point of view, some especially interesting uses are the applying of vehicular data and its combining with existing services. The goal is to enable even smoother service to the customer. One principle of MyData is that people benefit from the processing of their own data.

One important question is privacy. Nowadays many mobile applications ask straight out for the permission to gather and use data. There it is up to the user to decide, if he or she wants to allow data gathering and then gets to use the app, or if he or she decides to say no to data gathering and so to the usage of the app itself. Building trust is going to be a big question – do you trust that your data will not be collected and used without your consent? Anonymising information is one way to access and use larger bulks of data. In anonymisation, the connection between the data and a single, recognisable person is erased.

The coordination of people, needs, and services as a common thread

A more networked society also means that data concerning yourself might be globally available in an instant. On the other hand, it is everyone’s responsibility to unite needs, find synergies, and produce added value.

Traffic Lab, coordinated by Trafi, is a forum for experimenting with digital traffic, where also discussion regarding MyData takes place. Synergies between traffic and the needs of personal life are being looked for. Which customised services would you like to use, in regards of mobility? In these discussions, the authority is both an enabler and an active participant.

From the viewpoint of finding synergies and networking, the Traffic Lab is a worthy forum for dealing with a new matter. It is essential to innovate and experiment together. That is why, in the Traffic Lab’s network, a matter is handled in cooperation with both private and public operators.

How, for example, could MyData be connected to mobility in such a way that would make mobility even safer, more low-emission, and more cost-efficient? Do you need a network to further your idea? Contact us and meet us at Trafi’s stand at the MyData2017 conference.

Noora Lähde
tel. 045 2222 017
Finnish Transport Safety Agency

Picture: Davide D’Amico (CC BY-SA 2.0)