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Full programme and speakers of MyData2017 conference revealed!

MyData2017 conference
Tallinn and Helsinki
August 30th – September 1st 2017

The rapidly growing MyData movement welcomes everybody to the second conference on personal data management in Tallinn and Helsinki from August 30th to September 1st, 2017. Today, the full programme and keynote speakers of the conference are revealed.

MyData 2017 Programme and Speakers

The MyData 2017 programme team has assembled a well-balanced programme to cover everybody’s needs, from total data freshmen to those with interest towards specialized topics. The 3 conference days consists of 12 thematic tracks with 24 regular sessions, 10 workshops, and 3 academic workshops for the greatest devotees of the domain. The ferry trip from Tallinn to Helsinki is also part of the programme, with an un-conference session. Satellite events and evening programme will be defined later.

Over 100 speakers and presenters are expected to share their expertise in the conference, among whom are for example:

John C. Havens: Author, writer and Executive Director of the IEEE Global Initiative.
Pernille Tranberg: Author and Co-Founder of
Mika Pantzar: Professor, University of Helsinki

MyData 2017 is held in two wonderful Northern capitals – Tallinn and Helsinki. It brings together the remarkable international community of people who care and act upon human-centric principles of personal data management. The core idea of the human-centric approach to personal data is to give control over the personal data back to the hands of individuals – an emerging trend arising from the changing regulation and contemporary digital human rights issues. The conference paves a smoother road to the ‘free movement of data’ as the fifth freedom within European Union, in addition to goods, capital, service, and people.

MyData and Data Regulations

How the European personal data is looked upon in the whole world will shift in 352 days when the EU GDPR will be enacted. There are also other personal data related regulations in the world – like the ePrivacy proposal, and national data residency regulations.

Only 84 days until we gather to the MyData2017 conference where questions like “What are the possibilities and challenges of this new legislative space?” and “What will come of the personal data economy?” will be answered by entrepreneurs and researchers, as well from the standpoints of civil societies and governments.

The event is organised jointly with Aalto University, Tallinn University, Open Knowledge Finland and Fing.
Aalto University is a multidisciplinary community where science and art meet technology and business.
Tallinn University focuses on educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle and society and open governance.
Open Knowledge Finland is a non-profit association promoting the usage of open knowledge and advancing development of open society.
Fing is a French nonprofit independent foresight research organization which discovers, creates and shares novel and practical ideas that anticipate digital transformations.

For more information about the event, please view our website:

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