The MyData 2017 conference programme is packed with over 40 amazingly diverse sessions including 10 workshops. More than 50 people around the world have curating the programme and all together 130 presenters are making the superb sessions. It is really the diversity, commitment, and expertise of the programme team involved that makes this event so special!

We have compiled below a package of practical information for you, our programme team members, to ensure that your experience of MyData 2017 is as convenient and inspiring as it can possibly be. If you have any questions regarding the practical arrangements of the conference please do not hesitate to get in touch with our producer (or viivi on Slack), she’ll be more than happy to help with anything you need!



Programme Team Manual MyData 2017


This manual is commentable in Drive and visible on the website.

Checklist for the programme team, including all presenters

  • Submit your presenter bio and email your session host with your presentation title and optional two-line description by 14 July.
  • Book your discounted conference pass by 6 August.

→ You should have received a SECRET LINK to register with discount price on July 4th in email with title "MyData 2017 Programme Team Registration Link". If you haven’t received this email containing the link yet, get in touch with your session host who will have these links.

→ Note that while you can register after 6 August, the prices also for presenters and friends will go up after that for administrative reasons. For more information on passes and times see here.

→ If you have other questions about registration, our producer is more than happy to help.

  • Book your travel to Tallinn and/or Helsinki.
  • Book your accommodation in Tallinn and/or Helsinki.

→ If you wish us to make a booking for you in Tallinn on 29 August, please indicate so when booking your conference pass.

→ We have a limited number of rooms booked at our partner hotels in Tallinn and Helsinki so we recommend that you book as early as possible.

  • The deadline for delivering presentation slides (if applicable) and filling out the permissions form is 28 August (by the end of day).
  • Spread the word about the event! Tweet us or use #mydata2017, like us on Facebook, find us on LinkedIn, share us at Medium.

If you have questions that aren’t answered below, please contact our conference producer (viivi on Slack).

We also welcome feedback on your experience in the runup to and during the conference here.

Table of Contents






Submitting your bio for the website

Finalising presentation titles and session descriptions

Filling out the Presenter materials & permissions form




Conference App

Live interaction with the audience:

Session evaluation – core lessons learned?






This is your event – help spread the word!


9th of Aug at noon (GMT)

Hard deadline for telling your T-shirt size!

All volunteers, all programme team and all core team can request a shirt! (even if you had one earlier)

10 Aug

at 16-17 EEST (GMT+3)

Webinar for all presenters
- presenter experience, what are your expectations

- tips for all to create brilliant sessions
- all practicalities (including

- Meet your track assistant!

Give your tips for good sessions here:

Join the Skype link:

16 Aug noon EEST (GMT+3)

Strict deadline for final programme freeze: all presentation and session titles and descriptions must be finalised (event guide goes to print after this).

Check your session page from this link:

 21 Aug

Recommended deadline for booking travel from Helsinki to Tallinn for 29 Aug if needed.

Organising team travel on the 21:30 Viking Line service from Katajanokka.

Informal get-together for all conference-goers is hosted in Tallinn from 19:00 onwards (details below).

Viking Line online booking

28 Aug

Deadline for submitting the presenter materials and permissions form.

All presenters must fill out this form.

30 Aug

Programme in Tallinn finished by 16.00 after which shuttle bus service will transport conference-goers from the conference venue to the port of Tallinn Terminal A. Pick up your boarding pass from the info desk before the final session in Tallinn begins at  15.00.

Remember to bring your luggage to the conference venue in the morning! A secured area for storage is provided.


The MyData 2017 programme is divided into 12 thematic tracks and curated by track teams including the track facilitator, track hosts, presenters within the track sessions, and a track assistant. Thematic tracks as a rule have multiple separate sessions and in order to share the responsibilities, track teams assign a dedicated session host for each session.




1. MyData nuts and bolts

Tanel Mällo

Marine Alberade, Manon Molins, Marika Kutškova

2. GDPR – the new black

Antti Poikola

Geoff Revill, Robert Madge, Jens Kramer

3. Case studies

Manon Molins

Julian Ranger, Heli Törrönen, Pierre Vandekerckhove

4. Ethical processing of MyData

Antti Poikola

Juuso Parkkinen, Paul-Olivier Dehaye, Ramon Sanguesa, Michalis Vafopoulos

5. Insights to consumer behavior

Sarah Medjek

Joanne Lacey, Antti Kettunen, Miguel Perez Subias

6. Global landscape

Daniel Kaplan

Tanel Mällo, Michele Nati

7. Making consent work

Antti Poikola

Mark Lizar, Shaun Conway, Tracy Kosa

8. Roadmap for personal data markets

Kai Kuikkaniemi

Heli Koski, Daniel Kaplan

9. Technical building blocks

Kai Kuikkaniemi

Joachim Lohkamp, Charalampos Doukas, Markus Sabadello, Sean Bohan

10. Design + personal data?

Tanel Mällo

Alessandro Carelli, Ksenia Avetisova

11. Our data

Tuukka Lehtiniemi

Valerie Peugeot, Minna Ruckenstein, Indrek Ibrus

12. Health

Antti Poikola

Berit Skjernaa, Maritta Perälä-Heap, Sari Stenfors

Track Facilitators (The core programme team)

  • Each core programme team member facilitates one or more of the 12 topic tracks.
  • Track Facilitators act as a bridge between their track and other tracks as well as the conference organisation in general.

Track Hosts

  • Track hosts have put in an enormous amount of work on combing through content submissions and putting together coherent and exciting sessions for their track.
  • Track hosts are responsible for the online information regarding their tracks being accurate and up to date. They communicate with, or are, session hosts within their track to ensure this.


  • Presenters are at the very heart of MyData 2017! Presenters are invited to become a part of their respective track teams and bring their valued insights to finalising the track programme for the conference.
  • Presenters are responsible for the timely submission of their bios, presenter materials and permissions (see dates and deadlines table above).

Track Assistants

  • Track assistants are dedicated volunteers at the conference who are there to assist in the practical running of the track sessions.
  • Track assistants will be introduced to track teams in early August and they are encouraged to work out the details of their duties directly with their respective track hosts with the help of the conference volunteer coordinator. Track assistants can help with for example the following:
  • Make sure all the presentations are uploaded to the presentation computer
  • Keeping a memo about the session run-through and results
  • Helping the session hosts with and other technical issues
  • Keeping an eye on the clock so the session stays on schedule
  • Other tasks agreed upon with the session hosts before the conference
  • Should track assistants have any questions they are encouraged to get in touch with their track hosts or the conference volunteer coordinator.

Session Hosts

  • The conference’s topic tracks as a rule have multiple sessions. Track teams assign a host to each session (division of responsibilities).
  • Session hosts open, facilitate, and close individual sessions.
  • Session hosts are the principal outward-facing points of contact regarding their sessions.
  • Session hosts are responsible for communicating with their session presenters and making sure presenters have all the information they need.
  • Session hosts introduce the presenters in their session to each other and aid in facilitating a coherent and enlightening session.
  • Session hosts make sure that presenter bios, presentation and session titles, and session descriptions are submitted and correct as per the timeline outlined above.
  • Session hosts (with the help of track assistants) will operate the interactive live participation technology during the sessions as agreed upon with the session presenters and outlined in the session script template.



MyData 2017 is a community-driven event where people who share the same passion come together.  We aim to keep any barriers between organisers, presenters, and participants as low as possible and also to keep the costs of attendance at a minimum.

The conference is entirely nonprofit and you can see our open budget here. The real-time status of our bank account is also open and can be seen here.

Our presenters and their friends register at the lowest possible price. Until 6 August the price for the entire conference is 300€. Included in the conference pass are light breakfasts, coffee during the day, lunches, as well as the travel from Tallinn to Helsinki on 30 August. (You can find normal prices for all different types of passes here.)

Track and session hosts have access to the hidden passes in our webshop and will provide the links for presenters. These links can be privately shared with friends and colleagues but we ask you kindly not to publish them on forums, email lists, Twitter etc.

Please note that all MyData 2017 participants need to have registered for the event in our webshop. When you arrive at the conference venue, you will check in at the dedicated programme team members’ info desk and receive your name badge which is also your entrance pass to the venue.

We recommend you to register right now, but the deadline for getting the cheaper price is 6 August after which the price of all passes, including the the presenters’ passes, goes up for administrative reasons.

Note that the name of the pass holder can be changed up until 9 August for full conference passes and up until 23 August for Tallinn and Helsinki passes.

Answers to FAQs regarding conferences passes are available here.


Submitting your bio and presentation title for the website

(14 July)

If you have not yet done so, fill out the programme team bio form here. Once we have your submission, we’ll add you here as well as to the pages of the individual sessions you’re involved with. If you have submitted the form but can’t find yourself where you should be, contact and she’ll be able to assist you. (Adding programme team members to the site happens manually, so please allow us a little time after submitting your form!)

We ask that all programme team members and presenters fill out the form by 14 July.

After submitting your bio email your session host a title of your presentation and optionally also a two-line description which will be added to the session page.

We encourage you to browse the list of programme team members and presenters, visit the session pages, and to get in touch with each other ahead of the conference. If you wish for us to facilitate any introductions we’re happy to help, just email us at

Finalising presentation titles and session descriptions

(noon  EEST (GMT+3) 16 August)

The title and description of a session are the most important things people consider when selecting which session to attend, so it’s important to be both inviting and informative! We use these on the website and also in the printed event guide.

The conference programme is finalised and the event guide is sent to the printers on Monday 16 August. Before noon EEST (GMT+3) on 16 August, make sure that your presentation title is correct (presenters) and that your session title and description are correct (session hosts). Titles and descriptions can be edited here.

The hard deadline for these edits is Monday, 16 August at noon EEST (GMT+3).

Track facilitators, track and session hosts, and track assistants can help presenters with edits if necessary.

Filling out the Presenter materials & permissions form

(28 August)

We kindly ask that you submit the presenter materials and permissions form as soon as possible and at the latest on 28 August. We ask that you link to (or upload) presentation materials and indicate whether you give us permission to publish your submitted materials on our website, film your presentation (and possibly livestream it), and publish the recording after the conference.

By default, mainstage sessions are streamed live and all other sessions are filmed, but if you wish for your presentation not to be filmed, indicate this in the permissions form and your request will be honoured. We will provide all presenters copies of their recorded presentations upon request.

There are no restrictions on the format of your presentation materials, but if they involve special tech requirements, please indicate these in the form.

Common presentation facilities including projectors (HDMI connection), screens (wide-screen), and computers will be available in each presentation space at both of the conference venues. We recommend that presenters use the presentation computer provided as we cannot guarantee projector compatibility with all devices. Use the form to alert us if you plan to use your personal device for your presentation and bring your own adapter with you if you have other than HDMI connection.




29 August

  • Building the conference venues in both cities takes place 9:00 - 19:00. We welcome any and all help if you’re available!
  • An informal pre-conference get-together will take place in Tallinn from 19:00 onwards at a lovely restaurant called Platz (Roseni 7, Tallinn). In addition to getting the chance to meet and network with fellow conference-goers, you’ll be able to pick up your conference pass and avoid the registration queues in the morning.
  • Core organising team travel from Helsinki to Tallinn on the 21:30 Viking Line service from Katajanokka terminal. You are welcome to join us onboard!
  • Other popular ferry among the conference participants is the 18:00 Viking Line service from Katajanokka, which will be in Tallinn 19:45. Book your Viking Line Tickets from here. Other possible ferry companies are Eckerö Line, Tallink and Linda Line.

30 August

  • Registration and breakfast are open 8:00-9:00 at the Tallinn venue.
  • If you registered already during the pre-event, remember to fetch your conference kit from info desk!
  • A dedicated programme team registration point will handle your check-in.
  • If you’re travelling to Helsinki with us in the evening, please remember to bring your luggage with you to the venue in the morning and to pick up your boarding pass for the ferry from the info desk.
  • An informal pre-conference get-together will take place in Helsinki from 19:00 onwards in Botta, 2nd Floor (Dagmarinkatu 2). In addition to getting the chance to meet and network with fellow conference-goers, you’ll be able to pick up your conference pass and avoid the registration queues in the morning.
  • Conference-goers from Tallinn will arrive in Helsinki and join the get-together after 20:30.

31 August

  • If you registered already during the pre-event, remember to fetch your conference kit from info desk!
  • A dedicated programme team registration point will handle your check-in.

We have great memories of insightful morning chats at last year’s conference, and so we invite you to breakfast with us and all the other conference-goers before it all kicks off during the conference days.

You can already check out who is coming to the conference in our updating public attendee list. Why not get in touch already now and fix a coffee date in the morning?

Breakfast is served each morning 8:00-9:00 with morning plenary sessions starting at 9:00 sharp.


If you ordered a t-shirt, you can pick it up from info desk starting at lunch time. We won’t hand out t-shirts during registration.


Conference App

We’re proud to introduce the official MyData 2017 conference app, created by Eventmore. You can download it here (available for iOS and Android).

During MyData 2017 the app will be used to communicate the agenda, share insights, and communicate with peers and potential collaborators for all around the world. You’ll also find valuable practical information on locations, session times, and other practicalities. The app will also be used to communicate any changes to the programme if they arise during the conference.

Live interaction with the audience:

In order to maximise knowledge transfer, we will utilise audience interaction technology with personal computing devices during all the sessions:

The session hosts together with the trained track assistants will be primarily responsible for operating the system according to the presenters’ needs and wishes. The system provides for common audience interaction functionalities like polls and a Q&A message wall.

Through audience contributions are collected anonymously and provided as open data on the conference website after the event. The anonymous data gathered may also be processed by researchers and used in the future personal data management research and dissemination.

Session evaluation – core lessons learned?

Reflecting on the sessions is highly important in order for all to to recognise insights as well as draw conclusions. After all, we want to make it happen and make it right!

To facilitate such reflection, session hosts will conclude each session with the invitation for the audience to answer the following question via What was the core lesson learned in this session?

Finally, as the last audience interaction assignment, audience members will peer review selected lessons learned on the likert scale. We will introduce this mode of reflection and review in the first plenaries in Tallinn and Helsinki and they will be repeated in all breakout sessions.

MyData Declaration

The Declaration of MyData Principles will be officially published at MyData 2017. This document will hopefully become widely recognised and many organizations and individuals will sign it. We encourage you to reflect about how our common groundwork laid out in the Declaration relates to your message at MyData2017, and reference these insights in your session.

7 Tips for Better Conferences

We compiled in a blog post these general tips for session hosts and presenters. In the MyData conference the key people to help all presenters and session hosts are the team of volunteer topic track assistants who can be reached at

MyData Logos to be Used

If you want to use the official MyData logos and graphics, you can find them here



All general information regarding the conference venues is available on the conference website. Specific information about session spaces is available in the Programme Overview (Spaces) sheet.

If you have any special requirements for your session (room layout, tech, other) please contact our producers (for Tallinn venue) or (for Helsinki venue).


We have gathered some useful tips for moving around in Tallinn and Helsinki on the conference webpage.


Information regarding accommodation in Tallinn and Helsinki is available on the conference webpage.


Please be aware that a photographer will be going around the venues during sessions. If you absolutely do not wish your picture taken and published in our communications, please inform now or the photographer in person during the conference.


This is your event – help spread the word!

We hope that you consider yourself a proud member of the big MyData 2017 team! So make sure that your network also knows about the upcoming event. There are links to useful text bites and images available at the comms deck. We welcome your tweets, likes, shares, mentions, and posts across our social media channels as well as any other ways in which you let people know what an awesome event you’re a vital part of!

This event is created by the community for the community – so please share information about your participation in MyData 2017 among your own professional and/or personal communities to give other people who might be interested in MyData the opportunity to participate as well!