Call for Proposals

Call for proposals closed on 20 April 2017

You may still use the form below to submit a proposal, but please note that as programme-building is now underway, we may not be able to review it.

Contribute to the programme at MyData 2017

The official call for proposals has ended on 20 April.

You may still use the form below to submit a proposal, but please note that as programme-building is now underway, we may not be able to review it.

Simple steps to submit your MyData 2017 programme proposal.

1. Get inspired

In this call for proposals we welcome all content suggestions related to human centric personal data. Have a look at our About pages and the descriptions of the 12 topic tracks of the conference. Are we asking the right questions? Feel free to suggest your own big question as part of your session proposal.

2. Choose your format

Below is a list of suggested programme formats. Please indicate in your submission which format would suit your suggestion best. Feel free to suggest modifications to the formats listed and if you think of a format we missed, do suggest that too!

Note that there is a separate Call for Abstracts for the academic workshops that form a part of the conference.

  • Speaker (other than your self)
  • Presentation
  • Lecture (especially for 101 track)
  • Case study (especially for Case Studies track)
  • Short lightning talk
  • Product or project pitch
  • Product or project launch
  • General idea (not a speaker, but something else)
  • Other

3. Fill out the submission form in the end of this page

We use Trello as the tool for managing proposals we receive. When you fill in the submission form your proposal is sent to the programme team and becomes visible to others who have submitted ideas. You are invited to join the Trello (ask access from board so that you can refine your proposal after submission based on the questions and ideas from others. You can submit a first draft quickly and come back later bering in mind that the deadline for the final submissions is 20 April 2017.

Discounted conference passes for the presenters and friends

If your proposal gets accepted into the conference programme you will also get a presenters’ discount link which gives you and your friends the cheapest possible entrance to the conference (e.g. 300€ for the whole conference – see the pricing table for details). The discount link can be privately shared with friends and colleagues (but we ask you kindly not to publish it on forums, email lists, Twitter etc).

MyData 2017 is a community-driven event, in the same spirit as academic conferences, where peers and colleagues share the same passion and get equal opportunities for exposure, choosing to come together to discuss and debate in a community-driven environment.

The conference is totally nonprofit (you can see our open budget and real-time status of our bank account) and we keep the ticket prices as low as possible for all and even lower for the programme contributors.


Programme Proposal Form

  • In which of the topic tracks would your proposal fit the best? (You may select multiple.)
  • Use the description box if you have multiple links.
  • If you suggest a person other than your self please tell also how can we contact that person.