08: Roadmap for personal data markets

Envisioning the evolution for the sustainable economy for personal data

Keywords: business models; PIMS; GAFA; personal data markets; data portability; governance models; trust frameworks

This track focuses on exploring the development of personal data markets. In short term the focus is on understanding what is the go-to-market for the PIMS or the new service providers and start-ups who are focusing solely on human-centric personal data markets. Immediate sight focuses also on how bigger companies should play in this field and how big Internet companies (so-called GAFA”M”s) are reacting to ideas behind human-centric personal data. In mid-term we explore and evaluate how personal data markets are evolving especially considering the post-GDPR market landscape and overall what happens with new data portability regulation. In long term the track is focused on evaluation possible governance models, dynamics or trust network and sustainability of different business models. The ultimate goal for the track and these three levels of thinking is to compose a roadmap for the personal data markets and understanding what are the connections between different levels of thinking.

08: Day 3/ Helsinki

Roadmap for Personal Data Markets

This session is focused on elaborating the personal data market development. The session will discuss the definition of data markets and how personal data markets differ from data markets in general. Then it further elaborates on different development scenarios for personal data markets and identifies the critical obstacles and turning points for the market. Finally the session aims at delivering some proposals how the community can advance the development of personal data markets.
Paul Fancis
Paul Francis
Marko Turpeinen
Marko Turpeinen
Geoff Revill
Kai Kuikkaniemi

Track Hosts

Daniel Kaplan

Future Imaginizer

Kai Kuikkaniemi

Development Manager @ SOK; Post-doc Research @ Aalto; Start-ups