Register description for workshop attendee list

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Personal Data Act (523/99), register description in accordance with section 10

Name of register

MyData 2017 conference attendee register

Register keeper

Open Knowledge Finland ry
Maria 01, Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00180 Helsinki

Person handling register matters

Viivi Lähteenoja,

Purpose of handling personal data

The main purpose of this personal data register is to act as an attendee register for the MyData 2017 conference’s workshops. The register contains personal data about MyData 2017 workshop attendees. The data contained in the register may be handled for the following purposes:

  • Maintenance and management of attendee and interest group relations.
  • Implementation, development, and upkeep of services and functions directed towards the attendees and interest groups.
  • Information distribution, communications, marketing, sales promotion, and impact- and marketing-based research regarding the MyData 2017 conference and it’s workshops.
  • The operational requirements of the MyData 2017 conference.
  • Planning and development of the MyData 2017 conference and it’s workshops.

Register data content

The attendee and interest group database for the MyData 2017 conference contains the following data:

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Organizational data
  • Other data required for use of services

Normal data sources

Register data accumulate from:
Registrants themselves

Normal relinquishment of data and transfer of data outside the EU and ETA

Personal data shall not be relinquished to third parties except as within the permitted or obligated limits of the valid legislation. Personal data shall not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, except for e-mail address that will be transferred outside the EU and ETA, namely to Mailchimp newsletter sending service. See Register Description for Newsletter. Personal data may, however, be relinquished to others with the customer’s own approval.

Register protection

The register is in IT format. Right of use to the register is held only by those in the service of the registrar and other designated persons who require the data in their tasks. They have the user IDs and passwords at their disposal. The information is protected by means of appropriate and up-to-date information technology-based solutions and data security.

Right to inspection and prohibition

According to the Personal Data Act, the customer has the right to inspection and error correction as well as the right to refuse both the delivery of electronic messages concerning offers and benefits and the use of personal data for direct marketing. If registrants wish to apply the right to prohibit or obtain more information with regard to the handling of their personal data, they may contact the person mentioned above who handles register matters. In the event that the customer wishes to apply his/her right to inspection, s/he must, in accordance with section 28 of the Personal Data Act, present his/her request for inspection in a personally signed or otherwise similarly certified document, or visit the registrant personally.