Best Use Cases of 2017

Simon Carroll
Mika Klemettinen
Heli Törrönen
01 Sep 2017
13:30 - 14:45 // DAY 3: Helsinki

Best Use Cases of 2017

This main-stage session is hosted by Heli Törrönen.

Following on from the Use Case Pitching Workshop, this session will summarise the presentations and the best 3 use cases as selected by workshop attendees will present again with more detail.  The session will finish with a presentation on the overall use case landscape and a Q&A opportunity.


Open platforms economy enabled by data, AI and key enabling technologies // Mika Klemettinen

Data and platform economy will create new business models and change existing patterns. This opens possibilities both in company, industry and national level. What are the roles of different players and technologies and what concrete next steps should be taken?  We will also have opportunity to hear some insights of brand new data and platform report which Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation - will  launch in September.

3 Best use cases of 2017 // The winners of the Use Case Pitching Workshop!

The best use cases as selected on Thursday’s pitching workshop will be presented here with more detail.

Landscape of Use Cases // Simon Carroll

Landscape of use cases summarizes the diversity of new economy based on personal data. It gathers together different perspectives from different industries. Landscape is continuously evolving and this presentation will be modified based on  interactive discussions in Thursday’s workshop.