Building Blocks of the Decentralised World

Building Blocks of the Decentralised World

This workshop session is hosted by Antti Kettunen

Room ALVAR in Kultuuritalo

Decentralized identity, (or Self-Sovereign identity) is creating a lot of buzz in the identity world. They also hold a lot of promise regarding MyData, since they enable peer-to-peer networks to be formed, with individuals in charge of the interactions. But decentralized architectures require new types of technologies to work. What are some of the fundamental building blocks of these new decentralized systems?

In this session we will explore technologies with different goals and paths. The presenters introduce us to these new concepts, and what has been their path from vision to reality. At the end, we will gather all presenters for a discussion over what are the changes needed to help decentralized systems become everyday systems.


XDI // Markus Sabadello

IOTA Tangle // Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda

Decentralized Identifiers (DID) // Drummond Reed