Technology of Consent

Technology of Consent

Other sessions of the topic track: 7. Making consent work


This breakout session is hosted by Shaun Conway and Mark Lizar.

Room KLUBISALI in Kultuuritalo

Summary of Consent Workshop results from the day before and wide audience presentations on the consent tech.


The Burden of Choice //
Justin Richer

Security requires control, but who exercises that control? How do systems let users make decisions, and how can we help guide those decisions?

Artificial Intelligence and Consent // Ruaridh Thomson

How to bring data analysis and machine learning together with informed consent. Consent is a pre-requisite for AI because we cannot use personal data without it. There needs to be a value-exchange between the organisation and the individual for the use of their data.

Landscape for Making Consent Work // Mark Lizar & Shaun Conway

Summary of the Consent Track // Stuart Lacey