Ethics of Mydata and AI

Introduction and examples on data and AI Ethics in the context of personal data collection and processing

Ethics of Mydata and AI

This main-stage session is hosted by Juuso Parkkinen.

This session dives into the ethical questions raised by the development of AI and other data-intensive applications. We will learn how to design intelligent products and services that use data in a sustainable and ethical manner.


Prioritizing Human Wellbeing for Ethical AI // John C. Havens

Today the primary metric measuring the value of AI or any technology is GDP.  Built to measure financial inputs such as exponential growth and income, factors related to environmental or societal sustainability are devalued or invisible.  What we measure dictates the values of how and what we build, and the bedrock of Artificial Intelligence and emerging tech is human data.  We must move Beyond GDP to prioritize human wellbeing in the metrics related to the data and technology that represents our identity and reflects sustainable values for our species.

What is Data Ethics and how is it practised // Pernille Tranberg

Privacy and the individual’s right to control own data is becoming a competitive advantage.This  talk will describe concrete examples of best practices within data ethics to inspire developers in their work with new products and services. It is based on the book she co-authored, DataEthics - The New Competitive Advantage

AI – Friend or Foe? // Katryna Dow

Our world is rapidly changing through the rise of AI. Along with breakthroughs there are inherent risks that machine-to-machine decisions will disenfranchise humans and lead to a digital divide. This presentation will explore how a personalised AI could contribute to the preservation our humanity, acting as a guardian to preserve our values and ethics.