Digital Health Revolution

Digital Health Revolution

This workshop is hosted by Maritta Perälä-Heape.

Please note, change of room! Takes place now in room HENRIK in Kultuuritalo.

Welcome to learn about development and challenges of person centric preventive healthcare and its data management models, in terms of business and services, technology, and regulation. You will also learn about health data management models in other Nordic countries in a discussion about MyData Health - Nordic Whitepaper.


Digital Health Revolution is a strategic research opening funded by Tekes. This multidisciplinary project combining expertise from different fields from multiple universities and research institutes started in August 2014, and is coming to an end by May 2018.

PART 1 (13:30 - )

Digital Health Revolution // Maritta Perälä-Heape, Harri Honko, Jens Kremer, Minna Pikkarainen, Jonna Häkkilä, Minna Ruckenstein, Timo Koivumäki, Miikka Ermes & Riitta Sallinen

Tekes greetings // Pekka Sivonen

Videoposters and demos during coffee break:

  • Making MyData approachable – user interfaces
  • Sandbox demo
  • The datafication of health - key insights and future research
  • MyData health profiling tool -
  • Revenue models - MyData operator view
  • Business models - case health insurance companies
  • Consumer attitudes towards MyData -based preventive eHealth services
  • DHR pilot and 4P medicine

PART 2 (15:40 -)

IOTA Distributed Ledger, Gateway to Patient Centric Care and MyData Management Across Sectors // Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda

IHAN - International Health Account Network // Madis Tiik

MyData Nordic Whitepaper // Bogi Eliasen