Connecting MyData to Ethics and Philosophy

Connecting MyData to Ethics and Philosophy

This breakout session is hosted by Paul-Olivier Dehaye.

Room KULTSA I-III in Kultuuritalo

Presentations of the main philosophical and ethical frameworks to set a practical discussion on the ethical processing of MyData.


What kind of guidance could ethics and philosophy give for practical work with personal data?  // Michele Loi

This will concern how philosophy can and cannot help one to ask new questions or to provide new answers concerning the ethics of data. A blueprint for (re)thinking the interaction between philosophy, ethics, and data practices will hopefully emerge from the conversation.

This My Life, My New Life // Michalis Vafopoulos

Existence and spatiotemporality in the Web and how they transform traditional actualities.

From Personal Data Processing to Digital Dignity // Alexandros Nousias

The ethics of law, norms, market and code in the personal data ecosystem.