MyData Local and National Initiatives Around the World

Wil Janssen
HANATANI, Masahiro
30 Aug 2017
10:30 - 12:00 // DAY 2: Helsinki

MyData Local and National Initiatives Around the World

This breakout session is hosted by Michele Nati.

Room HENRIK in Kultuuritalo

In this session we will hear and learn from the ground, where MyData-like initiatives exist, or are trying to emerge: who is doing what, and why and how? What lessons these initiatives have learnt? What are the commonalities of a typical success/fail story? What are the typical difficulties and tensions in personal data initiatives, the things to do and not to do when building successful trials? How to get required partners’ involvement and successfully manage the associated governance and liability issues? We will move towards a unified vision on how these initiatives will support each other and possible future initiatives to merge into an international ecosystem.


NTT Data: The Platform for Personal Data Distribution (Japan) // Masahiro Hanatani

Personal data distribution platforms enable user-centric sharing of personal data. NTT DATA is set to scope the future of these platforms. The presentation will describe the NTT DATA platform, by sharing examples of its successful use in Japan.

The rise and fall of personal data services – pattern of success and failure // Wil Jansen
InnoValor recently compiled an overview of personal data management solutions and frameworks. Based on underlying interviews and research, a number of patterns arise that seem to drive success or increase the chances of failure.

MesInfos and the Rainbow Button (France) // Daniel Kaplan

Since 2012, the MesInfos programme has gathered large commercial organisations, startups, research centres, local communities and public agencies around one common goal: To empower individuals with their own data. After sharing the main lessons learnt through the MesInfos field trial and pilot, Daniel will present MesInfos’ latest project: the “Rainbow Button”, that will provide a common framework for deploying the GDPR’s Portability right in a consistent, user-friendly and positive way.