Global MyData Action Workshop

Tanel Mällo
01 Sep 2017
10:30 - 14:45 // DAY 3: Helsinki

Global MyData Action Workshop

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This workshop is hosted by Daniel Kaplan and Tanel Mällo.

Room HENRIK in Kultuuritalo

The goal of this practical workshop is to produce a guide and/or a roadmap of how to launch and develop local MyData initiatives:

  • What types of initiatives exist already, what are their similarities and differences?
  • What issues, difficulties and questions do such projects typically face, and how have others answered or overcome them?
  • Are there sets of “do’s” and “don’ts” that all such projects should be aware of?
  • What could be typical success indicators, tools, steps to be shared?
  • How to ensure fair sharing of value in such projects?

Building on top of the previous global MyData/PIMS network meetings (Brussels-2015, Paris, Helsinki & London-2016, Berlin-2017), this workshop aims towards learning from practical experience, while also exploring what local groups expect from a common network or organisation, and how they can contribute.

  • Morning (10:30 - 12:00)
  • “Local initiatives” survey results.
  • “Early initiative” presentations:
  • “Starting initiative” pitches from pre-registered interest (add in comments to Workshop registration).
  • Groupwork on typical issues faced by starting initiatives?
  • Lunch (12:00 - 13:00)
  • Reprise (13:00 - 14:45)
  • Groupwork discussions, feedback, wrap-up