Health Data and Privacy

Technologies and tools - how do we boost MyData in health

Health Data and Privacy

This breakout session is hosted by Mikael Rinnetmäki.

Room ARKKI  in Kultuuritalo

In this session on Health Data and Privacy, we wrap up on the two previous sessions of the Health Data track, and take a look at which technologies, tools, and governance models are available and in use for securing the privacy of patients.


The healthcare setting is being transformed. The perspective moves from generic patients to empowered citizens and from big data to meaningful data, utilizing both artificial and human intelligence. We present examples and best practices for patient centric healthcare services.


We will have a discussion of state-of-the-art on technological solutions for ensuring the privacy of users of emerging platforms and services. This will include technologies and best practices for login and authentication, for administering data access and usage, and for ensuring the privacy of data when used for statistical purposes.


We will also discuss how good governance models are needed to make use of technological innovations and to put the citizen in the driver’s seat.


Patient Who, Leveraging My Medical Data to Democratize Health // Viktoria Fonsou

// Berit Skjernaa

// Angela and Helmut Brand