Making MyData Happen

Antti Kettunen
Julian Ranger
31 Aug 2017
10:30 - 12:00 // DAY 2: Helsinki

Making MyData Happen

This main-stage session is hosted by Molly Schwartz.

A growing number of startup, established companies and public agencies are busy on the MyData front: returning data to people, empowering users to understand and use their data, providing useful and valuable services. Hear from companies who are already providing platforms through which users take their data back into their own hands, and interact with organisations in a new may. They will share their experience, reflect on their successes and difficulties, and discuss their similarities and differences.


Rooting MyData to Nordics via self-sovereign identity // Antti Kettunen

Tieto, the leading IT Service company in the Nordics believes that more equal and inclusive societies can be achieved through distributed technologies. Tieto plans to drive adoption of distributed identity networks by piloting trusted data sharing using self-sovereign identities. In this brief talk they reveal how they plan to do it.

Making Internet Great Again (with Self Data) // Tristan Nitot

As software is eating the world and software giants are reaping the benefits of this big change, we'll see how building a differently architectured Internet will give more power, more agency and more privacy to individuals and brands alike, thanks to Cozy Cloud. As self data is now a reality, brands who embrace the power of open source and Internet decentralization are becoming closer to consumers while providing innovative services that no-one else can match.

Internet of Me - Making it Real // Julian Ranger

Explaining the concepts and architecture behind the platform, and how consumers are using and how partners are building on the platform today, to make the Internet of Me real this year.