What MyData Stands For?

What MyData Stands For?

This main-stage session is hosted by Molly Schwartz.

We use so many different names to speak about empowerment through data: MyData in Finland, Midata in England, Self Data in France, Smart Disclosure in the USA, VRM (Vendor RelationShip Management), Personal Cloud, Quantified Self, PDS, PIMS, Customer Commons…

And it’s not just about calling names! It’s time to take a deep breath and start the conference on common grounds. Jumpstarting this immediately after the conference opening session in Tallinn several speakers from the core of the MyData community will showcase the main principles - and challenges - behind the human centric personal data model.

Let’s get to know MyData!


MyData: Here, There, Everywhere  // Tanel Mällo

MyData means fair relationships in sharing the power and benefits of personal data, for max collective good. It comes about by three shifts: 1) from formal rights to actionable rights; 2) from data protection to data empowerment; 3) from closed to open ecosystems.

Mastering your data can benefit to everyone // Marine Albarede & Manon Molins

Now that you get the MyData concept, we will give you some concrete examples to show you the promises of this paradigm shift: where and how it is happening, and mostly, why (hint: it’s because the benefits to individuals are endless, and organisations stand to gain as well).

MyData: challenges remain // Molly Schwartz