Opening Plenary (Tallinn)

Siim Sikkut
Tanel Mällo
30 Aug 2017
9:00 - 10:00 // DAY 1: Tallinn

Opening Plenary (Tallinn)

This plenary session is hosted by Tanel Mällo.

Conference opening plenary in Tallinn - the southernmost of the conference-hosting twin cities. Gather to main stage in Tallinn University to give the conference a very best start.

Get on track on how to get most out of the great three-days-two-cities event! Hear the Estonian Gov CIO Siim Sikkut keynote on the roles of MyData in strategic initiatives! Learn the State of MyData - what has happened since last year? Get busy for the MyData time in Talsinki at the Opening Plenary!


Welcome on Behalf of Tallinn University // Katrin Niglas

Free Flow of MyData // Siim Sikkut

Human centricity in strategic initiatives for development of digital government and society in Estonia and EU.

State of MyData - What has Happened Since Last Year? // Antti “Jogi” Poikola

Regulatory and business environment around personal data as well as our own habits and the public opinions are in constant change. Changes happen in different time scales in different environments - let’s see what the past year has brought.