Our Data

Collective Data Use and the Social Value of Data

Our Data

This breakout session is hosted by Minna Ruckenstein

Room KlUBISALI in Kultuuritalo

Human-centric personal data use is often discussed in individualistic terms. We depart from the individualistic framework and promote discussion of how the capacities of data technology might be harnessed to promote social justice, new forms of agency, participation, and collective action. Motivating questions include, but are not limited to: How could collective action be leveraged to counter power imbalances in the data economy? Much of personal data is fundamentally social in nature – how to approach ‘our data’ instead of ‘my data’? How can people share their personal data, creating social and use value for their community, beyond the economic value generated by the mediating platform? What should we do with the ‘data excess’ that we are generating and what are the steps that could lead to ‘data frugality’?


Introduction: Moving Beyond the MyData Vision Towards Our Data Futures // Minna Ruckenstein and Tuukka Lehtiniemi

DECODE project // Francesca Bria

Aggregated Personal Data as a Common // Valérie Peugeot

Mydata and Ourdata / A Symbiotic Relationship // Peter Wells