Workshop on MyData Transparency

Understanding the what, who, why, how and where of MyData
Ramon Sangüesa
31 Aug 2017
13:30 - 15:00 // DAY 2: Helsinki

Workshop on MyData Transparency

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This workshop session is hosted by Ramon Sangüesa (Data Transparency Lab Coordinator).

Room KULTSA I-III in Kultuuritalo

Participants: anyone interested in the concept of MyData, Transparency, Privacy, research and innovation.


MyData is all about users being in control of their personal data. Data Transparency is about the means and ways to know what use is our personal data online put to and by whom.

In order to decide on what to share and what to protect, on which data you let other parties use,you need to gather as much information as possible about who is using your data, how, why,where, and when. And that is no easy task. That’s what Data Transparency technologies are developed for. In the last few years a community has gathered around the concept of DataTransparency for Personal Data, which means that the uses of one’s personal data online can be automatically explored, visualized and explained. The main community is gathered around the Data Transparency Lab ( which is a joint initiative, up to now, ofTelefónica, MIT Connection Science, AT&T and the Institute National de Recherce en Informatiqueet Automatique.

Data Transparency technologies are, so to speak, a complement to the point of departure of all the MyData technologies and consequences. This complementarity deserves further exploration.

This is a joint workshop connecting the two communities: the one from MyData, and the one from the Data Transparency Lab. It is a workshop to share, discuss, criticize,improve and generate new possibilities in terms of services based on new technologies that help people decide how to manage their data. Also to show the present technologies developed by each community and find where they can already be connected and where there is still work to bedone.


To show and tell: this is a session where people who have developed technologies show their present developments and contribute to the other presenters lines of research, innovation and development.

To interact: the main dynamics of the session is to find possible lines of cooperation between participants in terms of developing new tools and services. Also to spot new possibilities and difficulties in the creation and deployment of new technologies.

To create a coordinated research and innovation agenda between the two communities. One of the results of the session could be a joint roadmap that could be use by both communities to articulate further collaborations and developments.

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