Academic Workshops

Three parallel one-day academic workshops are organized during the first conference day of MyData 2017. The workshops will take place on August 30th in Tallinn, Estonia, at the conference venue (Tallinn University).

Each workshop has a distinct thematic focus: Our data futures, Regulating data, and Technical issues and approaches (see also below). While the workshops have their own calls for abstracts/papers, they are thematically linked to the non-academic parts of the MyData 2017 conference. You can see a draft of the programme structure as well as descriptions of the topic tracks of the whole conference here.

Participation in the workshops is subject to an accepted abstract or paper. The workshops have their own submission guidelines, please refer to the individual workshop pages for more information. Workshops participants are expected to register for the MyData 2017 conference and will be able to benefit from its entire programme. Please refer to the conference registration page for details. Accepted workshops participants will be included in the presenter quota.

Day 1
30 Aug 2017

Our data futures

We invite scholars to discuss how the capacities of data technology might be harnessed to promote social justice, new forms of agency, political participation, and collective action.
MyData Speaker Placeholder
Indrek Ibrus
MyData Speaker Placeholder
Minna Ruckenstein
Tuukka Lehtiniemi

Regulating data: Opportunity or burden?

We discuss state of the art legal questions relating to the regulation of information, personal data and privacy, and the impacts on individuals, businesses and the public sector as well as how the idea of MyData fits together with the regulatory approaches.
Jens Kremer

Technical Issues and Approaches in Personal Data Management

We focus on a wide spectrum of technical challenges of personal data management, including adapting machine learning for personal data, data interoperability, technologies for sharing and consenting, and security & privacy.
Mats Sjöberg
Mats Sjöberg