Get Ready

The first step in an unconferencing session is agenda setting. We will gather together in a circle and our facilitator will briefly open up the space and explain what will happen.

We are then all invited to propose topics of discussion for either a one-hour session or an half-hour session. We will populate a digital grid with topic proposals until all the slots are full.

After setting the agenda for all the sessions, we each choose which one we would like to join and make our way to the designated area at the venue.


The unconferencing sessions themselves are either one hour or half an hour in length. Two half-hour sessions will be conducted in the same space consecutively.

The person who proposed the session will act as the session leader and will decide how to capture the content of the session. Templates for doing this will be provided on paper.

If you feel you are not in the right session at any point, you are invited to change sessions. The digital grid depicting the topics and locations of all sessions will be projected in all the spaces for your convenience.

Wrap up

After the unconferencing sessions have concluded we will gather together to present briefly the contents of each session and the unconferening facilitator will close the space.


You are not expected to prepare in advance for the unconferencing session, but you are invited to spend time beforehand discussing ideas for topics with your fellow conference-goers.
Esko Reinikainen

Esko Reinikainen

Unconference Facilitator