Topic Tracks

Below you can find the current draft of the programme structure and descriptions for the different tracks.

01: MyData nuts and bolts

Introduction to human-centric personal data
MyData Nuts and Bolts

Keywords: Human-centered; Big Picture; Data & Empowerment; Mastering your Data; Shared Value; VRM; PIMS; Privacy; Control

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02: GDPR - the new black

From business burden to commercial opportunity

Keywords: GDPR; business opportunity; data protection & regulation; compliance

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03: Case studies

From actual to future services : promises and value of the MyData model
MyData Cases

Keywords: use cases; examples; services and apps; platforms; showcase; pitching

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04: Ethical Processing of MyData

Practical tools and solutions for transparency, accountability and fairness in processing of MyData
MyData Ethics

Keywords: data ethics; data transparency; algorithmic accountability; algorithmic fairness; artificial intelligence ethics

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05: Insights to consumer behavior

Interests and opportunities for consumers
MyData Programme Sturcture

Keywords: motivations; expected benefits; perceived risks; trust toward companies; self-trust & self efficacy; protection; control; transparency; empowerment; curiosity; adoption; appropriation

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06: Global landscape

Mapping existing initiatives in human-controlled personal data: lessons learned, governance and business models
MyData Global

Keywords: EU; non-EU; personal data ecosystem; multi-stakeholder initiative

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07: Making Consent Work

How to operationalise meaningful consent, with emphasis on practical implementation
MyData Consent Icon

Keywords: notice for consent, consent receipts, consenting technology, usability of consents, consent management; consent as a service, intellectual property rights

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08: Roadmap for personal data markets

Envisioning the evolution for the sustainable economy for personal data
MyData Markets

Keywords: business models; PIMS; GAFA; personal data markets; data portability; governance models; trust frameworks

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09: Technical building blocks

Explore and map out technological aspects of data, protocols, and architectures
MyData Building Blocks

Keywords: data models; semantics; protocols; architectures; interoperability; decentralization; self-sovereignty

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10: Design + personal data?

Exploring the intersection of design and personal data
MyData Design

Keywords: design research; human-data interaction; interaction design; privacy; service design; usability; user experience

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11: Our data

Collective data use and the social value of data
MyData Our Data

Keywords: our data; collective action; social value; social data; data excess; data frugality

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12: Health

Personal data for predictive healthcare
MyData Health


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Structure of a Track

All tracks are different in terms of time slots allotted. Tracks are composed from different types of modules such as workshops (full-day or half-day) and big audience sessions (1,5 hours). Tracks can also suggest content (e.g. keynote speakers) to the main stage. The final allocation of session slots will take place based on the amount of interest in specific tracks and after the end of the open call for proposals.

Below you can see highlighted two example tracks: