05: Insights to consumer behavior

Interests and opportunities for consumers

Keywords: motivations; expected benefits; perceived risks; trust toward companies; self-trust & self efficacy; protection; control; transparency; empowerment; curiosity; adoption; appropriation


The effect of the GDPR and the opening of personal data will surely create new opportunities for new business. How will consumers react to this newfound openness and power? Will their expectations and behavior change radically? So far, MyData has been mostly looked at through the eyes of a highly digital individual. What about those who lack continuous access to the internet or even a reliable digital identity, like in some developing countries? Will the MyData paradigm raise up opportunities and solutions for bringing the non-diginatives into the digital world?

Sessions on this Track

Day 1
31 Aug 2017
Day 2
01 Sep 2017

Consumer Data Workshop

A workshop on the sustainability of customer experience mobile platforms, situated between providing companies and consumers. We plan to map consumers’ perceived risks/benefits of sharing personal data and support the transparency efforts of mobile platform providing companies. Finally, determine how companies and activists help consumers learn about data capabilities provided by GDPR.
MyData Speaker Placeholder
Maria Macocinschi

Track Hosts

Joanne Lacey

Chief Operating Officer - Mobile Ecosystem Forum

Miguel Perez Subias