06: Global landscape

Mapping existing initiatives in human-controlled personal data: lessons learned, governance and business models

Keywords: EU; non-EU; personal data ecosystem; multi-stakeholder initiative


In this track we’ll be comparing multi-stakeholder people-empowering personal data initiatives from all corners of the world, to assess the budding global personal data proto-ecosystem. Why, how, by whom do these initiatives happen? What are the commonalities of a typical success/fail story? What are the typical difficulties and tensions in personal data initiatives, the things to do and not to do when building successful trials? How to get required partners’ involvement and successfully manage the associated governance and liability issues? How would international community building support the development of more globally integrated personal data initiatives and help individual initiatives to take off right?

06: Day 1 / Tallinn
06: Day 2 / Helsinki

MyData Local and National Initiatives Around the World

MyData Speaker Placeholder
Wil Janssen
HANATANI, Masahiro
Masahiro Hanatani
Michele Nati
Daniel Kaplan
06: Day 3 / Helsinki

Global MyData Action Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to produce a guide and/or a roadmap of how to launch and develop local MyData initiatives.
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Koiti Hasida
Tanel Mällo
Tanel Mällo
Daniel Kaplan

Track Hosts

Michele Nati

Lead Technologist Personal Data and Trust, Digital Catapult
Tanel Mällo

Tanel Mällo

Tallinn University