02: GDPR – the new black

From business burden to commercial opportunity

Keywords: GDPR; business opportunity; data protection & regulation; compliance

Contact: gdpr@mydata.org

Recent legislation, especially the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have attempted to significantly strengthen the standing of individuals in a digitised world. While some see such regulation as a heavy burden, others embrace the modern implementation of key principles and the increased control they give to individuals, and going further other see the regulation as a spur to a new larger economy where personal data is respected. Where regulation meets business imperatives, a tension is created. This track will explore those tensions from competing perspectives. It reviews the GDPR as a force to fundamentally reshape the empowerment equation between service providers and consumers, and identifies innovation in person-centric service technology and disruptive business models, making the GDPR a competitive asset for some and a competitive threat to others. We review state of the art legal & commercial questions relating to privacy as a business asset and identify constructive human-centric ways to interpret regulatory implementation.


Sessions on this Track

02: Day 1 / Tallinn

Regulating data: Opportunity or burden?

We discuss state of the art legal questions relating to the regulation of information, personal data and privacy, and the impacts on individuals, businesses and the public sector as well as how the idea of MyData fits together with the regulatory approaches.
Jens Kremer
02: Day 2 / Helsinki

GDPR – Practical Application

The GDPR has given companies the opportunity to redefine their customer/user relationship. The GDPR debate tends to focus on the compliance challenge - this session will discuss innovations and methods to bring the compliance value to market as business assets, giving companies and organisations RoI for their compliance effort. Cultural change cannot occur in digital society until enabled by process and technology, this session will help you identify the useful tools and services to shift your organisation towards compliance.
Geoff Revill
02: Day 3/ Helsinki

The great MyData GDPR Debate

The GDPR empowers citizens with several fundamentally new rights. This session will summarise some of those new rights with an exciting keynote and three supporting presentations. In particular we will discuss the various implementation opportunities, technical and legal challenges and form a view on how these new rights should manifest for a mydata economy. We will then enter an audience participatory debate led by the speaker panel and your GDPR Mydata hosts, finalised with 4 key questions the debate has surfaced and poll the audience views on the most likely market solutions.
Robert Madge
Robert Madge

Track Hosts

Robert Madge

Robert Madge

CEO, Xifrat Daten

Geoff Revill

CoFounder & Managing Director, Krowdthink Ltd

Jens Kremer

Project Researcher, LOSS-Project Helsinki, Helsinki University Visiting Researcher, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Aalto University