Mapping the emerging landscape of Design + Personal Data

User experience design is crucial for the growth of the MyData ecosystem

Mapping the emerging landscape of Design + Personal Data

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This workshop is hosted by Alessandro Carelli and Ksenia Avetisova

In room A-018, Tallinn University

The Design Team’s mission is to get Human-Centered Design (HCD) at the core of the broader MyData community practices.

This workshop will explore how Design can enable a human centred approach to personal data. Our community of designers will facilitate an open, discussion-oriented and friendly environment for uncovering the path ahead and overcoming the challenges

The full workshop schedule is scheduled as follow:

In the morning, five speakers will share their own experiences, guidelines, insights from empirical research and lessons learned from their profession. After lunch we'll facilitate a collaborative workshop which aims at mapping the "Design and Personal Data landscape". This tool will uncover the design Challenges, New approaches and future steps for advancing the role of Design in products and services which collect and use personal data.

We welcome Designers, Policy makers, Data Scientists, Technologists, Product leads, Developers, Civil society advocates and any attendees who wants to contribute to placing design at the core of the MyData community.


GAFAM and Data Portability // Yann Bruna

Designing for Empowerment // Simon Kavanagh

Most people don’t know or care how their data is being handled. How can we design experiences which challenge apathy and promote empowerment?

Privacy awareness within companies staff, a way to change personal data management // Laure Isabelle Ligaudan

Sensing Everything // Sebastian Rauer

Tackling GDPR with an interdisciplinary design approach // Katharina Schilli