Roadmap for Personal Data Markets

Roadmap for Personal Data Markets

This breakout session is hosted by Marko Turpeinen.

Room KULTSA I-III in Kultuuritalo

This session is focused on elaborating the personal data market development. The session will discuss the definition of data markets and how personal data markets differ from data markets in general. Then it further elaborates on different development scenarios for personal data markets and identifies the critical obstacles and turning points for the market. Finally the session aims at delivering some proposals how the community can advance the development of personal data markets.

The Effect on Market Organization of the PIM // Geoff Revill

It’s argued that putting personal data in a PIM is empowering for the citizen, but is it?  Are we just moving the data silo from one place to another with an illusion of control that fosters data fidelity, making it a more attractive hacker target? How will a post-PIM market look from a citizen point of view? This paper challenges current thinking & suggests additional market structure needs.

Anonymized data analytics for personal data markets // Paul Francis

Diffix is a new data anonymization technology invented jointly by the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems and Aircloak GmbH. Diffix has the potential to make data markets for aggregate data analytics safe and easy to manage.

Conceptualization of Personal Data Markets  // Kai Kuikkaniemi

We do not have yet market structures for personal data. It is possible that data “markets” evolve around single dominant data aggregators, current dominant internet platforms, state-driven centralized systems or around distributed trust-networks. This talk analysis the challenges associated to each market approach and addresses the fundamental questions regarding the market-development around personal data.