Meet our partners

Main Partner services - Finnish Population Registry Centre Services helps Finland go digital. Services is a digital service platform for both public and private organizations, built by the Population Register Centre of Finland.

We explore ways to implement the ideas of MyData in the Finnish public sector and help organizations build more human-centered digital solutions. Main Partner of MyData 2017.

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Partners lets your personal data do amazing things by bringing it together into one place instead of being scattered across the web. Get it, see it and share it on your terms.’s innovative app unlocks the power of personal data for both businesses and users – we’re looking to speak to companies and Government bodies who want to do more with data.

Cozy is a personal private cloud and app platform which offers a great variety of apps while respecting the user’s privacy. 

At Cozy Cloud we believe in giving back the data to the individual and my MyData is the most important event in this space, so getting involved is a no brainer for us. 


Trafi develops the safety of the transport system, promotes environmentally friendly transport solutions and has regulatory duties. Services are based on active utilisation of data.

Trafi is one of the data sources for MyData. We wish to promote the availability and usability of personal data in MyData-based services and in other business operations.   


MyLife Digital

MyLife Digital’s purpose is to protect the privacy and personal information of citizens using our Consentric Platform where organisations can manage consent of their end users.

MyLife Digital would like to engage with like minded, thought leaders in the Personal Information Management space, to share ideas and raise awareness of our Consentric Platform.




THL is a research and development institute promoting health and welfare in Finland, serving the scientific community, actors in the field, decision-makers and the whole society. 

THL wants to promote the utilization of its massive open health data resources in MyData settings, to boost new thinking and innovations in health technology. 



Tilaajavastuu is helping companies to cope with authority obligations. Our mission is to enable fair competition and minimize the bureaucratic burden.

Due our business we have a huge amount of sensitive information about companies and individuals. As we are in business of trust we want to improve society together with MyData.