About the Programme

MyData 2017 programme is divided into 11 thematic tracks and the main stage sessions. The Day-By-Day Schedule below shows that most tracks have sessions in Helsinki and Tallinn, with the Tallinn sessions applying a more hands-on workshop approach. The ferry trip from Tallinn to Helsinki will be devoted to a more relaxed networking, yet content-creating, un-conferencing session.

Three full-day academic workshops are organised during the first conference August 30th in Tallinn. Each academic workshop has a distinct focus: Our data futures, Regulating data, and Technical issues and approaches

The conference programme is curated by a team of 35 international experts and final programme is expected to have more than 100 presenters (last year we had 130 speakers) from a variety of areas ranging from business leaders, legal professionals, technology developers, digital rights advocates and other data thinkers and doers. See the speakers and programme team members -page for updates.

Topic Tracks

  1. MyData nuts and bolts  //  Introduction to human-centric personal data
  2. GDPR – the new black  //  From business burden to commercial opportunity
  3. Case studies  //  From actual to future services : promises and value of the MyData model
  4. Ethical Processing of MyData  //  Practical tools and solutions for transparency, accountability and fairness in processing of MyData
  5. Insights to consumer behavior  //  Interests and opportunities for consumers
  6. Global landscape  //  Mapping existing initiatives in human-controlled personal data: lessons learned, governance and business models
  7. Making Consent Work  //  How to operationalise meaningful consent, with emphasis on practical implementation
  8. Roadmap for personal data markets  //  Envisioning the evolution for the sustainable economy for personal data
  9. Technical building blocks  //  Explore and map out technological aspects of data, protocols, and architectures
  10. Design + personal data?  //  Exploring the intersection of design and personal data
  11. Our Data  //  Collective data use and the social value of data
  12. Main stage  //  Sessions and keynote presentations taking place on the main stage


The links in the schedule lead to the topic track pages. The individual session descriptions with speakers will be published during May and June.