Tallinn \ Aug 30 – Sep 1 / Helsinki

MyData 2017 Programme

24 Normal Sessions

for getting inspired by learning from others.

10 Workshops

for intensive and discussing hands-on working.

2 Academic Workshops

for the greatest devotees of the domain


Secure your seat and get ready to make it happen, and make it right!

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MyData core idea is that we, you and I, should have an easy way to see where data about us goes, specify who can use it, and alter these decisions over time.


MyData is a human centred approach in personal data management that combines industry need to data with digital human rights. MyData 2017 conference brings together an international crowd of 1000 people from businesses, research community, civil society and government to shape the fundamentals on how personal data is managed globally.


Personal data has increasingly significant social, economic, and practical value. The EU’s recent General Data Protection Regulation changes the landscape in which organisations operate. Organisations around the globe are busy exploring the opportunities of human­ centric personal data. Whole industries such as energy, health and well­being, or finance, are already being disrupted by this trend.


Make it happen, make it right!

Join the conference to learn and to share your expertise on the current landscape and future roadmap of the emerging world of human ­centric personal data management.

Who should attend?

Business development professionals: The world of personal data is a trillion-dollar business by 2020. At the conference, the latest concrete business cases and pilots will be presented. 

Legal experts: The legal landscape is changing fast with the EU GDPR. The conference will feature the latest on these developments and what this could mean for the future.

Privacy advocates: We believe in ethical and human-centric approaches to personal data can actually mean good business. Hope you think so, too!

PIMS community:
If you know what PIMS means and you feel like you are part of that community, this is the event of the year for you! “Strengthening the existing PIMS community” is one of our main purposes and you really should already have a ticket!

Data enthusiasts: If you feel like you know a lot about personal data, work with it, read about it, want to improve it, or all of the above you will enjoy this conference and we’d love for you to share your knowledge!

Early adopters: You attended MyData2016? All the more reason to come this year! In 2017 we are more advanced, in depth, and even more human centric!

Learners: Are acronyms like GDPR, GAFA exciting but mostly all Greek to you? Are they edible? Are they infectious? Come and find out!


Companies attending:

Digi.me, Cozy Cloud, Finnish Population Regirstry Centre, Reaktor, Asiakastieto, Solita, Affecto, Technology Industries Finland, Finnish National Institute for Health, Tilaajavastuu, Digital Health Revolution, MyLife Digital, Trafi.

Job titles of attendees:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Business Development Director
  • Head of Customer Data
  • Data Analyst
  • Hacker
  • Human Formerly Known as Data Subject
  • Digital Hustler
  • Disruptor
  • Evangelist
  • Malcontent
  • Founder
  • World Changer
  • Data Exhibitionist
  • Chairman
  • Security and Privacy Specialist
  • Innovation Agent
  • Cryptogeek

See our updating attendee list.

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