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MyData 2018

August 29-31 2018!

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We’re delighted to welcome you to the MyData 2018 Conference

Interested in building the conference programme for 2018? Drop us a line if you are.

MyData Global Network

The MyData Global Network is a lightweight organisation to give structure to and to empower the movement that is growing from international meetups, conferences, and other interactions.

MyData Declaration

MyData Declaration of Principles was published in the MyData 2017 conference. Take a moment to read and consider signing it. All comments on the Declarations are welcome here. We are also hoping to receive translations in different languages.

Read and sign the Declaration here

Aarhus Meetup

The next MyData Community Meeting will be organised Aarhus, Denmark – Nov 23rd–24th 2017. This event is open to all the organisations that are taking an active role in the personal data ecosystem.

See the agenda and register to the Aarhus Meetup here

Local Hubs

The network’s members are ambassadors for the movement and there’s action taking place in the Local Hubs around the world including: Spain, Brazil, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Estonia, and Finland. Want to set up a local hub in your city?

Contact Sille at

MyData Journal

MyData Journal at is curated collection of writings related to MyData. You are welcome to suggest your blogposts to be included there! All postings will be shared and promoted also at mydataorg Twitter acccount.

See here how to submit your blogpost

MyData core idea is that we, you and I, should have an easy way to see where data about us goes, specify who can use it, and alter these decisions over time.



MyData is a human centred approach to personal data management. It combines the industry’s need for data with digital human rights.

MyData 2017 conference brings together an international crowd of 1000 people from businesses, research community, civil society and government to shape the fundamentals on how personal data is managed globally.


Personal data has increasingly significant social, economic, and practical value. The EU’s recent General Data Protection Regulation changes the landscape in which organisations operate. Organisations around the globe are busy exploring the opportunities of human­ centric personal data. Whole industries such as energy, health and well­being, or finance, are already being disrupted by this trend.


Make it happen, make it right!

Join the conference to learn and to share your expertise on the current landscape and future roadmap of the emerging world of human ­centric personal data management.

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