Smart Health, Personal Data and Blockchain

Smart Health, Personal Data and Blockchain

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This workshop is hosted by Sari Stenfors and ReCon research project.

Room ARKKI in Kultuuritalo

  1. What would be the best way to organize healthcare?
  2. What is the true impact of healthcare?
  3. How can data and new technologies help promote staying healthy, regaining health and getting needed support?
  4. In what different ways could health related data be used?

Those are the grounding questions of our workshop. We will hear short inspirational pitches on ideas to design smart healthcare, and then start ideating on our own solution.

Here is our agenda:

  • Our experts tell short inspirational stories on their smart healthcare solutions.  
  • You share your expertise.
  • Together we create our own solution.

What if there was...

a health data aggregate. Shared, trusted ecosystem that is co-owned by different stakeholders. The aggregate could create different kinds of data outputs to serve different types of clients. It would be ‘Google’ for health data, but no gatekeeping, and multistakeholder.


This ecosystem could create data aggregates for different stakeholders. With the aggregates one could measure impact of the healthcare system or sell specific data for example to pharmaceutical companies and research. We could link algorithms and AI to it to help doctors and other healthcare professionals in their work. Right kind of expertise and resources could be directed to exactly where they are needed. Single people could get peer data to compare themselves to. Data would be controlled by individuals, who get incentives through micro shares and profit sharing. Aggregate ecosystem could create longitudinal studies on health behaviors and sickness, and create cohort research data. Data could be controlled and accessed by all stakeholders together (multisignature) or alone, depending on the data.

Would that work? What would be the challenges? How could we make it better? Please, bring your ideas and expertise and join us in our workshop.


Transparent and Trusted Smart Health Architecture // Michele Nati

Doctors Link //  Manreet Nijjar

Human-Centering Healthcare // Thomas Holm

Ethics of Health Data // Visa Honkanen

Self Sovereign Identity in Healthcare // Phil Windley

Hacking Healthcare // Antti Kettunen