GDPR – Practical Application

GDPR – Practical Application

This breakout session is hosted by Geoff Revill.

Room ALVAR in Kultuuritalo

The GDPR has given companies the opportunity to redefine their customer/user relationship. The GDPR debate tends to focus on the compliance challenge - this session will discuss innovations and methods to bring the compliance value to market as business assets, giving companies and organisations RoI for their compliance effort. Cultural change cannot occur in digital society until enabled by process and technology, this session will help you identify the useful tools and services to shift your organisation towards compliance.


Innovation Beyond GDPR Compliance // Katryna Dow

Regulation such as GDPR will change the way businesses collect and use personal data. Looking forward to a new trust focused marketplace, how can organisations harness the power of customer controlled data to innovate beyond compliance? This talk will explore innovation initiatives that strategically enable an organisation to develop new products and services in partnership with customers to create a competitive advantage through privacy and data management.

Strategies for Businesses to Mitigate Their Liability Under the GDPR // Robert Madge

The GDPR provides a catalyst to businesses to establish a new relationship with their customers in the use of personal data, but it also creates operational burdens and additional legal risks.  This presentation looks at how businesses can reset the equation by turning control of personal data back to their customers while at the same time reducing their liabilities and operational overhead.  A focus of the presentation is the use of a “personal data gateway” that shifts governance and operational responsibility to an intermediary between individuals and the entities that use their data.

Navigating Between Mathematics and GDPR; Anonymization, Pseudonymization, and Personal Data // Jussi Leppälä

How can organizations maximize their data utility while minimizing risks to individuals?  Anonymization alleviates compliance burden but requires careful analysis both from mathematical and legal viewpoint.  Organizations need to choose a right approach for them. Understanding different flavors of personal data will allow companies to choose the right design and appropriate safeguards.

GDPR, the Latest "Everybody" Must Have // Karen Watson

GDPR isn’t a buzzword or the latest trend. It’s here to stay. It will be the norm. For organisations to thrive under the new regulation, compliance must be business as usual, placing citizens at the heart of the data strategy. Here lies the opportunity. Those organisations who understand that their customers’ personal data is the most valuable commodity of the digital age, and treat it with respect, will gain or strengthen trust to continue building stronger engagement with the public. Attendees will learn - the true benefits to Society that arise from GDPR, beyond compliance.