Expert Workshop: Making Consent Work

Expert Workshop: Making Consent Work

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Hosted by Dr Shaun Conway and Mark Lizar.

Room KLUBISALI in Kultuuritalo

Aimed at experienced practitioners, researchers and policymakers who have an interest in making consent work in the real world. We will collaboratively explore the latest developments and map out the landscape of concepts, technologies and contexts for consent.

PART 1 (13:30 – 15:00) Perspectives

We will begin with short presentations that provide a range of perspectives on technical approaches and contexts for making consent work.

Consentfulness // Richard Gomer

Consent is fundamentally an interaction challenge that calls for novel design; but how will we know if it's working?

Architecting consent with open standards // Joss Langford

Recognising consent as dynamic personal data gives individuals and operators the tools to manage it effectively.

Personal Data Receipts // Michele Nati

Consent matters, but customers now demand also better user experience and transparency. PDRs provide a new channel for increasing your customers’ trust.

Consent in the context of Omnichannel Businesses // Sami Laine

Consent and personal data sharing across organisations.

Consent in the context of Research // Elizabeth Nelson and Frances Burns

Public attitudes about consent and sharing personal data for research purposes.

PART 2 (15:30 – 17:30) Deep dive

The second part of the workshop is a facilitated, open discussion that will explore solutions and ideas from the collective experience of participants. This will produce a visual map of the consent landscape. This session offers the opportunity to get to know more about key developments and to inform the directions these are taking.