Use Case Pitching

Use Case Pitching

This session is hosted by Heli Törrönen, Pierre Vandekerckhove and Julian Ranger 

Room ALVAR in Kultuuritalo

The pitching session will consist of two parts.  Firstly, 10 presentations on use cases (7min per use case) enabled by the new MyData approaches to Personal Data.  Secondly, an interactive session on how to define the landscape of possible use cases demonstrating how MyData expands possibilities from today, and choosing which 3 of the 10 presentations should be on main stage in the “Best Use Cases of 2017” session.


Enabling Patient Centricity // Dan Bayley

The Pioneering Suunto T6 Fitness Wearable // Andy Brooks

MyData principles applied to smart meters energy data : an european growing awareness // Fabien Coutant

Privacy and Data-Driven Personal Style Advisers // Jonna Fassbender - van den Dungen

Frictionless Permissioned Data Sharing // Xavier Lefevre

Innovation Is ‘Qiy’ for Dutch Insurer Aegon // Maarten Louman

How Self data can simplify health expenses reimbursement by combining Health and financial data  // Tristan Nitot

My Health My Data: an EU-Funded Project for a Privacy-Preserving and Secure Healthcare Consented Data Sharing Platform // Anna Rizzo

Dutch energy data access // Erwin Rooijakkers

Open Banking // Peter Well