07: Making consent work

How to operationalise meaningful consent, with emphasis on practical implementation

Keywords: notice for consent, consent receipts, consenting technology, usability of consents, consent management; consent as a service, intellectual property rights

Contact: consent@mydata.org

Consent is the critical fulcrum that makes MyData possible – it tips the balance in favour of people (the human aspect), but also potentially makes MyData exponentially more valuable and useful to organisations. Getting Consent right will ensure that the balance between Me (my expectations, rights and interests) and the rest of the world will enhance data flows, rather than impede these flows. Setting aside the philosophical debate on why consent is important and what this means to different people in different contexts, this track will focus on how to address challenges and opportunities for consent. Traditional research in this area has included evaluations of the terms of consent, readability of notices, and / or information sharing agreements Given the theme of the conference, the contexts for consent are quite broad; participants are also welcome to address consent in new frontiers, such as AI or machine learning, IoT and special protection groups.


07: Day 2 / Helsinki

Expert Workshop: Making Consent Work

Consent is as much of transparency as it is about control. This is a two-part workshop targeted for the experts in the field. First part includes presentations of state-of-the-art consent solutions and in the second part we go into interactive mode to produce practical recommendations on "making consent work" around different areas, namely: Omnichannel Businesses, Digital Advertising, Artificial Intelligence and Sharing Data for Research.
07: Day 3 / Helsinki

Consent Needs Technology

Summary of Consent Workshop results from the day before and wide audience presentations on the consent tech.

Track Hosts

Shaun Conway

Shaun Conway

Founder, Consent
Tracy Ann Kosa

Tracy Ann Kosa

Senior Privacy Program Manager at Google

Mark Lizar

Founder & CEO of OpenConsent