03: Case studies

From actual to future services : promises and value of the MyData model

Keywords: use cases; examples; services and apps; platforms; showcase; pitching

Contact: cases@mydata.org

Use cases illustrate value creation of new personal data ecosystem. Use cases can approach this from different perspectives for example: individuals using and managing their own personal data given back to them, companies building of new services and products based on full access to individuals data and integrators gathering data and offering tools and services to manage personal data. This track will explore use cases that are already in the field, showing the Personal Data Ecosystem is alive and here today, but also the ones from the future showing the massive potential that is to come! The best ones will have the opportunity to be showcased to all the participants of the conference.

The track will focus on three questions:

  1. Understand: What are the use cases (services, apps, platforms, …) illustrating the human-centric personal data movement?
  2. Analyse: What is the value of those use cases: for the individuals and for organisations?
  3. Learn: How are those use cases doing? Are they on the market, do they have evolved in the last year? What worked for them, what didn’t work?


Sessions on this Track

Day 1
31 Aug 2017

Use Case Pitching Workshop

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Day 2
01 Sep 2017

Best Use Cases of 2017

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Track Hosts


Pierre Vandekerckhove

Online Maketer
Heli Törrönen

Heli Törrönen

Head of Transformation at Sanoma Media Finland
Julian Ranger

Julian Ranger

Exec Chairman & Founder